INsightR is a modern and easy-to-use reserves management system. It is built around a relational database enabling users to store and retrieve current and historical data, as well as production forecasts.

INsightR complies with the SPE PRMS and SEC classification systems. The system handles interrelationships between licenses, assets, projects, reservoirs and other key elements.

INsightR contains a standard set of reports that satisfy basic reporting needs for most oil and gas companies. Custom reports can be generated within the system or by using third party tools.


Classification system

INsightR can be set up in compliance with the SPE PRMS or SEC classification systems.


INsightR is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2008+, MySQL, IBM DB2, MariaDB, Oracle Database and PostgreSQL.

Time intervals

Data with time series can be entered and reported as yearly, quarterly, monthly or a combination. 

License blocks

The system handles reservoirs that straddle two or more licenses, cross international borders or are subject to changes in unitisation agreements.

Assets and reservoirs

Assets may contain multiple reservoirs, segments or similar elements and constitute the placeholders for resources and reserves.


Projects link the petroleum accumulation and the business and budget decisions required to move an accumulation towards commercial production.


The resource base is those estimated quantities of petroleum contained in the sub-surface, as well as those quantities already produced.


Reserves are those quantities of petroleum which are anticipated to be commercially recovered from known accumulations from a given date forward.


Volumetric estimates can be tracked over time from exploration through discovery, development and production.


The system handles operational issues such as fuel, flare, operational usage and third-party natural gas.

Historic data

Historic production is the total production of petroleum for delivery and sale from a field. Historic production usually refers to the last turn of the year.


In addition to volumes, the system also handles production forecasts. Forecasts can be entered using scenarios, typically P10, P50, P90.


INsightR contains a standard set of reports that satisfy basic reporting needs. Custom reports can be generated within the system or by using third-party reporting tools.

Data validation

Data entry validation is built into the system with real time detection of typical errors in the input data. 

3rd party tools

3rd party tools like Spotfire, Power BI, Tableau and QlikView can be used to create user dashboards to assess and monitor data, and to track changes.

INsightR Brochure

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INsightR is a web based portal for entry of Resources, Reserves and Production Volumes. It also includes modules such as Licensing, Projects and Economy. INsightR is modern, intuitive and easy to use - and gives you the required insight to your resource data.

Dashboard example

Fetch data from the Database, Views, Web services or Open Data protocols (ODATA) to create stunning real-time dashboards for all user roles. Get instant status of your reserves, production, licenses and/or projects from the comfort of your favourite dashboarding tool, or directly from your company’s intranet.

User Interface example

The architecture and interface is built such that it is possible to customise access, user roles and look & feel of all components of the user experience. Use your company logo, colours and font to get a familiar feel.

Report example

Perform annual, quarterly or monthly reporting using standardised or custom reports.

Customisation example

INsightR is based on a low code framework that enables us to make customer changes in days instead of weeks or months.


How to get started

How to get started
How to get started




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Over the past few years, there has been great advances in the technology that powers modern enterprise solutions. To take advantage of this we follow a set of fundamental rules and architecting principles in everything we do. It is a mental framework that helps us stay ahead and to deliver direct value to our clients.

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INsightR is transparent. We expose everything — architecture, database tables and data connections. Is easy to reason about. Robustness means ability to instantly know how stuff works. Complex design is our enemy. Is trustworthy. It’s all about data driven security. Is consistent. Design decisions are implemented throughout the entire architecture. Is scalable. Scalability is the ability to support both more users and more advanced uses. Is as little technology as possible. Simplify and minimise. Enterprise software dies as it gets complex.

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