INsightR is a web based interface to track your resources, reserves and production. It takes a user centric approach where user roles define what the user sees using customised dashboards, entry forms and reports. User roles can be defined to fit any company’s needs and can easily be changed to fit new workflows and as the organisation grows.


INsightR consists of a System module, a main module (Volumes) as well as optional modules:

  • System
  • Volumes
  • Licensing
  • Projects
  • Reporting

This is where the main components of the application is set up:

  • Classification System; SPE, SEC, OD or Custom
  • Hydro Carbons / Products
  • Production Intervals; Monthly, Quartarly or Yearly
  • Unit Systems; SI, oil field units or a combination

This is where your resources, reserves and production is tracked and stored. INsightR includes full tracking of Estimates, Budgets, Actuals and Corrections, as well as Forecasts.

  • Instantly see how your volume data influences your Ultimate Recovery (UR), Recovery Factor (RF) and Remaining Reserves (RR).
  • Enter Cut-Off points to see the difference between Technical- and Economic RR
  • Add scenarios for different views on Estimated Production and Forecasts
  • Import your data manually or using Excel, XML or another database

Instant overview of your asset portfolio. Track your equity in licenses and Business Units. Easily group your prospects by block/area. Enter your data as gross volumes and assign your resources to different licenses and different owner shares.
The Licensing module stores any changes to equity shares in Licenses or Business Units, so you can track and retrieve correct volume data throughout the year and with changes in License ownerships over time.


The Project module allows you to link a reservoir to a Project. A project contains a schedule with estimated and actual dates for when a reservoir is transferred from one Resource Class to another. This way you can control several Reservoirs from one Project so there is no need to update them separately.

  • Track your assets based on estimated and actual schedules
  • Generate different Project Types for different tasks and store them as templates for future use
  • Receive warnings when Projects are overdue

All changes to key data are logged for auditing.


Use INsightR data in either built in or external reports and dashboard to report or get a better insight to the data