INsightR stores all its data in a database either on site or in the cloud. There is a selection of pre defined Reports for annual reporting. Real time dashboards or reports can be customised using your preferred reporting tool.


By putting a set of Views on top of the database tables, anyone with access to the database can get logical datasets for use in third party applications and/or ETL-processes (Extract, Transform and Load).

These Views can be customised to each customer’s needs and wishes.

Web services

A set of default web services can be enabled by system administrator (by using credentials) for easy access to for example all Assets in a country or all Production for a certain Asset.

Standard Reports

INsightR comes with a default set of reports used for Annual Reporting. We constantly expand our library of reports - new reports are added in new versions of the system. Reports are usually generated based on the different user roles within a company.

Customised reports

Specific reports can be generated upon request. We collaberate with specialists within most reporting tools like SAP BO, Power BI, Tableau, QlikView and Spotfire.


In addition to the built in dashboards for each user role, customers can develop their own dashboards using third party applications like Spotfire, Periscope or Tableau, either by generating a web service user with read only access or by connecting directly to database-tables and/or -views.